Swing-Beep was designed by Patrick C. Simpson-Jones as a way to improve his golf game. After receiving compliments from Florida teaching pros, he decided to start a company named Swing-Beep. With the help of his good friend Jacques Berrebi they formed Swing-Beep, and brought on 3 partners along the way: Claude Brousseau, Jean-Claude Forestier, and Brian Gaglia.
Swing-Beep started with a small kick-off at the 2015 PGA Show to test the waters. We went into full production after a successful showing, and had a formal release at the 2016 PGA Show. We currently have 16 PGA, LPGA, and Web.Com Pros using the product. Along the way we became friends with Bernerd Garsen, the inventor of Garsen Grips (garsengolf.com), who has represented us on the PGA Tour